TIM Tourist

100 GB of data with 5G ULTRA coverage, unlimited minutes
for domestic calls  

and 100 minutes for international calls at €14.99







,99 €
Non-renewable offer

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TIM will be right there with you!

  • TIM in Viaggio Pass

    If you want lots of minutes, texts and Internet for Europe, the USA, Canada and Brazil!

    • 10 GIGA
    • 500 minutes
    • 500 SMS
    for 30 days

  • TIM in Viaggio Pass MONDO

    If you want to visit non-European countries

    • 2 GIGA
    • 100 minutes
    • 100 SMS
    for 10 days

Do you need more information?

How do I purchase the voucher?

To buy a Voucher for the TIM Tourist offer click on the PURCHASE button, insert your details and pay using a credit card or PayPal.

Once the purchase is confirmed, you’ll receive an email at the address you provided containing your personal PIN code, which you can use at any TIM Store across Italy to collect the TIM Card with the active TIM Tourist offer, with no additional cost.

How do I activate the offer with the voucher?

Once the customer who purchased the Voucher for the exclusive TIM Tourist offer abroad has arrived in Italy, he/she should visit a TIM Store and show the Voucher containing his/her PIN code, plus an identification document. The TIM Store will carry out the standard activation procedures: collection of documents, visual confirmation of the customer and presentation of an identification document (e.g. ID card or passport).

Once the TIM Card is activated, the TIM Tourist offer will be activated within 24 hours with no additional cost.

How do I withdraw from the purchase?

The customer can withdraw from the Voucher purchase, pursuant to art. 52 of the Italian Consumer Code within 14 days from receipt of the email confirming conclusion of the contract by Telecom Italia.

The TIM Tourist offer related to the Voucher cannot be activated online, so the customer is aware that the only way to activate the offer is to show the Voucher in a TIM Store in Italy. In order to discourage fraudulent practices, TIM reserves the right to carry out checks on the use of the PIN code; if within 96 hours from the withdrawal request the PIN has not been used, TIM will cancel it and refund the customer, within 14 days (from the day on which TIM was informed of the customer’s decision to withdraw from the purchase), the amount paid by him/her to purchase the Voucher.

What if the offer is not activated?

In the event of problems during the activation phase of the Offer, the customer can write to the email address acquistionline@telecomitalia.it forwarding the email received for the SIM purchase and writing: the email address used for the purchase, the PIN received and the last 4 digits of the CoC used for the purchase. Alternatively, as with any purchase with the CDC, in the event of failure to use the offer, the customer can directly contact the bank that issued the CDC used for online payment. Following the appropriate checks jointly with TIM, the refund will be made directly to the Customer's CdC.

Cost Breakdown

Offer that can be activated by new customers and valid for 30 days from activation, with a cost of € 14.99; cost of the SIM Card is € 10. Free activation fee.

In the case of online purchase, the total cost is € 24.99 including the SIM Card.

You can take advantage of the offer if you have credit on the TIM Card. TIM TOURIST can be used in Italy and roaming in EU countries.

At the end of the offer, the contents not consumed at the end of the 30-day period will be lost and the TIM Card will be usable according to the tariff profile active on the TIM Card itself, or that of any active promotions, and according to the Rules of Use of the prepaid service currently in force.

Offer Details  


TIM TOURIST can be used in Italy and roaming in EU countries.
The national traffic minutes included in the offer are valid for all Italian mobile and landline numbers and roaming from EU countries to all mobile numbers and all Italian and EU country landline numbers.

The minutes of international traffic included in the offer are valid from Italy to the countries listed above. Calls are charged by the second and with no connection fee.

International voice traffic from Italy to foreign countries, which exceeds the bundle of 200 minutes, will be charged based on the costs of the basic TIM international rates available at the link.

The active profile on the TIM Card is TIM BASE19: at the end of 200 minutes of traffic, call all national mobile and landline numbers at 19 cents per minute. Tolled calls in advance of 60 seconds and connection fee of 20 cents. Cost of SMS at 29 cents, MMS at € 1.30.


• Internet traffic (GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA / LTE) included in the offer is valid for Internet browsing in Italy and roaming in EU countries on all APNs (ibox.tim.it, wap.tim.it and blackberry .net).

• It should be noted that starting from 13 June 2022 the 3G network will be phased out in favor of the more performing 4G and 5G networks. Click here to learn more.

• The GB of traffic are counted in advance unit increments of 1KB.

• Of the 100 Giga included in the offer, 16GB are also valid in EU countries.

• When the available Giga is exceeded, if the customer has no other active data options, navigation in Italy is blocked. Exceeding 16 Giga in EU countries. the cost is 0,184 cents / MB including VAT.

The offer is enabled for navigation with the 5G service profile, which allows speeds of up to 250 Mbps in download and 75 Mbps in upload. The 5G service profile is available on 5G devices and in the areas covered by TIM 5G network tim.it/5g-tim.

•  Connection speed depends on the parameters with which the plan is configured in the network and how congested the mobile access network and the Internet are, on the server to which the customer is connected and the device being used.

It is possible to read about the characteristics of the data connection (Informed Use of Mobile Broadband).


•   It is possible to check the coverage areas and compatible terminals.


•   It is possible to check service performance.

Following the expiration, the offer is automatically deactivated but can be reactivated by the customer if you have credit on the Tim card.

The offer can be reactivated both on its natural expiration and earlier in the event of total or partial exhaustion of the minutes and GB included in it. In this case, the renewal involves the resetting of any minutes and GB remaining, relating to the previous activation.