TIM International Senza Limiti Plus

100GB  and unlimited messaging


Plenty of minutes to make calls to your country

,99 €
Offer for new customers born abroad

Browse, call and message freely

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Will your trip take you to other countries?

TIM will be right there with you!


    10 GB, 500 minutes, 500 texts in Europe, USA, Canada and Brazil for 30 days from first use!

    • 10 GIGA
    • 500 minutes
    • 500 SMS
    for 30 days


    Call and browse with your smartphone in over 80 non-European countries

    • 2 GIGA
    • 100 minutes
    • 100 SMS
    for 10 days

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How to activate

ONLINE: you can activate the offer using remaining credit and the activation fee and first month are free. If you activate a new line and you make the purchase online, the SIM costs €25 with €20 of included prepaid traffic which you can pay for upon delivery.

TIM STORES: you can activate the offer at TIM stores using remaining credit. If you’re a new customer the activation fee is €3; if you’re an existing TIM customer the activation fee is €5.


How to receive information

You can call 119 and receive assistance from an operator or 409169 to get information in 9 languages about: remaining credit, usage of your bundles and scratch card top-ups

How to deactivate

The offer can be deactivated by calling CUSTOMER SERVICE on 119 or 409169.


Who can choose the TIM International Senza Limiti Plus [TIM International Unlimited Plus] option?

The offer can be activated by all new customers with a non-Italian Tax Code.

What do I need to do if the bank changes my CAB code (bank routing number) and/or my bank or postal current account number?

You don’t need to do anything. In fact, your bank details will be changed by the credit institutes.

For calls to Australia, Austria, France, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco fixed line only, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, United States, South Korea, Sweden, Hungary.

Cost Breakdown                                                            

• The offer renews each month at the cost of €14.99 with an activation fee of €5.


• TIM Cards that have active offers with renewals using remaining credit must have sufficient credit to cover the cost of the renewal (on the day the offer renews). If there is not enough credit on the TIM Card, the offer will be suspended and renewed during the next top-up that brings the credit over or equal to the cost of the renewal. The suspension period will last for 180 days from the date of the first missed renewal, after which the offer will be deactivated.
However, except for other offers active on the line, any remaining credit on the TIM Card can still be used for browsing, making calls and sending text messages under the conditions envisaged by the basic plan. If the remaining credit is used up, the TIM Card can only receive calls and text messages and make emergency calls until the next top-up.

If the Sempre Connesso [Always Connected] service is active on the line and the credit has been used up, you can make calls, send text messages and browse without limits in Italy and the EU for up to a maximum of 2 consecutive days, at the cost of € 0.90/day. The above cost, for each day of effective use, will be charged during the next top-up.


• For direct debits on a credit card or current account, TIM Ricarica Automatica [TIM Automatic Top-Up] can be activated free of charge using the same payment method as the offer. To find out more click here.


• Once the valid EU roaming data has been used up, the cost is € 0.297/MB, including VAT..

Offer Details                                                          

• All prices include VAT.


• The offer is valid for non-Italian customers who were born abroad, have prepaid mobile phone plans and who activate a new line.


• The offer can be used if there is credit on the TIM Card.


• Unused content will be lost at the end of the period.


• The offer is open-ended with automatic renewal each month, within a maximum of 4 hours from midnight on the date of expiry and is confirmed by SMS. Any calls made before the option renews are charged according to the basic tariff plan; while the Flat Day basic tariff applies for any Internet browsing.



• Activation and subsequent renewals of the offer will extend the duration of the TIM Card by 13 months, starting from the date on which the activation or renewal takes place. During the thirteenth month the service will only work for receiving calls and messages.


• Offer subject to personal use only. The customer must use the offer legally, in good faith and fairly and therefore must refrain from obtaining benefits other than those associated with normal use of the offer for interpersonal communication; for further information about personal use, please see the general terms and conditions of subscription and the rules on use.


• For plans, options and/or promotions with traffic including unlimited calls and/or texts to all numbers with no maximum minutes and/or texts, unless TIM is given proof showing otherwise, use in good faith is assumed as outgoing traffic no more than 18,000 minutes and/or 18,000 texts in a month.


• If the above principles are not met, following notification to the customer TIM reserves the right to: 1) interrupt, fully or partially, the provision of the service being used, including by limiting the connection speed; and 2) apply the economic conditions of the customer’s basic plan.In this case, the customer may exercise the right to withdraw, free of charge, without prejudice to the obligation to pay the amounts due for the traffic generated.


• The TIM International Unlimited Plus offer cannot be used in conjunction with the TIM options/profiles that already have tariff concessions for calls/texts abroad (for example: TIM International XL, TIM International, TIM International New, TIM Welcome Home, TIM Card International, TIM Card Romania, TIM Card Albania, TIM Card Marocco, TIM International 1000 New, TIM International Super, TIM International 40GB, TIM International Senza Limiti Plus [TIM International Unlimited Plus] range).



• The minutes of traffic included in the offer are valid for national traffic and the roaming traffic generated from EU countries to all mobile numbers and all landline numbers in Italy and EU countries and do not contribute to the discount and bonus thresholds linked to other offers.


• Calls to Decade 1, 4 and 8 numbers and international calls made from Italy to EU countries and the Rest of the World are excluded.


• The minutes of conversation included in the offer are calculated using the effective seconds of conversation without the set-up charge.


• For countries not included in the international minutes and for minutes exceeding the offer package, the TIM International Base [TIM International Basic] reduced tariffs will apply from Italy to Abroad. This TIM offer is reserved for non-Italian customers for making calls at a reduced tariff from Italy to Abroad which is activated free of charge at the same time as activation of TIM International Unlimited and has no monthly fees. For details of the tariffs, click here.


• The reduced tariffs of TIM International Senza Limiti Plus [TIM International Unlimited Plus] for calls from Italy to the countries shown in the table, starting from 1 cent per minute, have a limit of 1,000 minutes per month; over and above this, the TIM basic international tariffs will apply.


• The TIM basic international tariffs apply to countries not included in the table


• In the event of deactivation of TIM International Base, the above international tariffs will apply for calls from Italy to Abroad.


• The “LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM Free” service is included and activates free of charge within 48h of activating International International Unlimited. With the “LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM Free” service, you’ll never miss another call! You’ll always know who tried to reach you and when your friends can be contacted!You’ll receive a text for each missed call and when it’s best to call back. The service renews automatically and free of charge each month. There is no activation fee. The “LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM Free” service can be deactivated at any time free of charge directly online using MyTIM or by calling the freephone number 40920. If the above deactivation is requested using the Customer Service number 119, there will be an operator fee of € 3.99.Activation of the “LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM Free” service will automatically deactivate the “LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM” paid service. Deactivating the International International Unlimited offer will automatically deactivate the “LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM Free” service. 




• The offer includes 50GB of Internet traffic (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/LTE), 8 GB of which can also be used in EU countries, valid on all APNs (ibox.tim.it, wap.tim.it and blackberry.net). The traffic data is counted in advance increments of 1KB. Once the 8 GBs of EU roaming data have been used up, the cost is €0.297/MB, including VAT.


• The offer is also valid for use of the mobile phone as a modem.


• Activation of TIM International Senza Limiti [TIM International Unlimited] includes “Reserve Data”: once the data included in the offer in Italy has been used up, if you don’t have any other data offers active you’ll have up to 1 GB of Reserve which will allow you to continue browsing at €1.90 every 200 megabytes (up to a maximum of 1 GB for a total amount of €9.50). You will receive an SMS notification when you have nearly used up the data included in your offers. Once the Reserve Data is used up, if you don’t have any other data offers active on your mobile line, data traffic will stop until more becomes available. When you renew your offer or purchase an additional option, you will use the data traffic of these offers, which take priority over the Reserve Data. For more details click here


• Data included in the offer not used in the reference period cannot be added to data granted in the following period.


• The offer is enabled for 4G browsing up to 150 Mbps of download speed and 75 Mbps of upload speed.


• It is possible to consult the characteristics of the data connection (Informed Use of Mobile Broadband).


• It is possible to check the coverage areas and compatible terminals.


• It is possible to check the performance of the service.



• The offer includes browsing without using up data on the main messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, imo, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat, WeChat, Line.


• Data traffic from viewing external links from the portal (e.g. videos, objects), any banner ads while using free rather than premium apps and any downloads that you make from the application when it launches, but not classified as app traffic, is not included in the offer.


• Browsing on messaging platforms without using up data is permitted in Italy, provided that the customer has not used up the data traffic in his/her offer. While roaming in EU countries, this service can be used with no additional costs up to the data traffic limit (“fair use”) envisaged by the offer, equal to 9 GB. If this limit is exceeded, a cost of 0.297 cent/MB will apply (VAT included).