TIM International Base

0€ per month

Reduced tariff
,01 €
per minute

Make international calls to landline and mobile numbers from Italy

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If you’re a new customer and were born abroad, discover the TIM International 30 GB offer


    10 GB, 500 minutes, 500 texts in Europe, USA, Canada and Brazil for 30 days from first use!

    • 10 GIGA
    • 500 minutes
    • 500 SMS
    for 30 days


    • 2 GIGA
    • 100 minutes
    • 100 SMS
    for 10 days

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How to activate

You can activate the offer online or in TIM stores.

ONLINE: you can activate the offer using remaining credit and the activation feeand first month are free. Si vous activez une nouvelle ligne et effectuez l'achat en ligne, la SIM coûte 10 € avec 5 € de trafic prépayé inclus, l'activation de l'offre coûte 5 € que vous pourrez régler à la livraison.

TIM STORES: in TIM stores you can activate the offer at a cost of €5 for new and existing TIM customers.


How to receive information

You can call 119 and receive assistance from an operator or 409169 to get information in 10 languages about: remaining credit, usage of your bundles and scratch card top-ups.

How to deactivate

The offer can be deactivated by calling CUSTOMER SERVICE on 119 or 409169.

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Cost Breakdown

• The offer is renewed every month at a cost of €0 with an activation cost of €5 for new and existing TIM customers.

• The reduced tariffs of TIM International Senza Limiti [TIM International Unlimited] for calls from Italy to the countries shown in the table, starting from 1 cent per minute, have a limit of 1,000 minutes per month; over and above this, the TIM basic international tariffs will apply.

Offer Details

• All prices are VAT included.


• TIM International Base can only be activated by top-up TIM customers with a document certifying birth in a foreign country.


• The offer is valid for traffic from Italy to the foreign routes indicated in the summary table. It does not contribute to the achievement of discount thresholds and bonuses linked to other offers.


• Call pricing is in increments of 60 seconds in advance.


• You can take advantage of the offer if you have credit on your TIM Card


• The preferential tariffs of TIM International Base for calling the countries indicated in the table from Italy, starting from 1 cent per minute, provide for a maximum of 1,000 minutes each month; beyond which the basic TIM international tariffs will be applied.


• The basic TIM international tariffs are applied to countries not included in the table


• The activation will take place at the latest within 48 hours of the request. It is advisable to verify that the offer has been renewed, in order to avoid the application of the international tariffs from the TIM basic profile.


• The validity of the offer is automatically confirmed every month.


• It is possible to check the remaining amount of minutes included directly online in the MyTIM section or by calling the free number 409169.


• The activation of the offer determines the extension of the duration of the TIM Card by 13 months, starting from the date on which the activation takes place. During the thirteenth month the service will only work for receiving calls and messages.

• The number of minutes at a discounted rate not used at the end of the period cannot be combined with that assigned in the following monthly period.


• You can deactivate the offer free of charge at any time by calling 40916 or Customer Service 119.


• The TIM International offer is incompatible with TIM profiles that already provide for discounted fares abroad (for example, TIM Welcome Home, TIM Card International, TIM Card Romania, TIM Card Albania, TIM Card Morocco), if the TIM International offer (2012).

• The offer can be deactivated free of charge at any time online at tim.it by accessing the MyTIM section, by contacting Customer Service free of charge on 119 or 40916.